photo of sandro the owner of celestino b&b roma termini
, other than being a well-known physician in Rome, he’s also the owner of the Celestino B&B. Our property takes name from his father Celestino, to honor the warmth and hospitality he always showed in his long and rewarding life.
Sandro is the man who, three years ago, planned and restyled the ex-condo unit into our new and comfortable Bed and Breakfast.



Julia general manager host of Celestino B&B Roma Termini
Julia is the general manager and host of the Celestino B&B. Coming from the faraway land of Kyrgyzstan, she is fluent in Italian and Russian, and she is also currently learning English.
Julia’s genuine helpfulness and courtesy are appreciated by all our Italian and international guests, as you can easily read in our testimonials’ corner.


is the booking manager and social media marketer of Celestino’s. Actually born in Rome, he’s a former teacher of Italian for foreigners. Fluent in Italian and English, he also gets by in French, Spanish and Polish.
He’s the man behind this website, and although much of his work is online, he manages to drop by often and welcome our guests.